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DescriptionShow Description    

TeknomanTeknoman premiered on UPN in 1995. The year is 2087, and humanity is about to lose its position as the dominant life form on planet Earth. An endless swarm of biomechanical beings known as the Venomoids descend from space. Earth's Space Knights are no match for the Venemoid champions, the Teknomen. When the young pilots Ringo Richards and Star Summers find a wounded stranger named Blade, humanity gains one last hope. Blade is able to transform into a Teknoman, but he has no memories and fights to protect Earth. His opponents are not only the endless alien menace, but also the other Teknomen - who were once human, and his family and friends.

Voice Cast    
Teknoman Blade/Nick Carter/D-Boy
Bob Bergen
Ringo Richards
Kerrigan Mahan
Star Summers
Barbara Goodson
Balzac Saint Jaques
Steve Bullen
Miles O' Rourke
Bryan Cranston
Tina Corman
Julie Maddalena
Shara Carter
Wendee Lee
Mac MacElroy
Richard Epcar
Maggie Matherson
Mari Devon
Commander Jamison
Michael Forest
Tom Wyner
Teknoman Darkon/Conrad Carter
Simon Prescott
Teknoman Sabre/Cain Carter
Paul Schrier
Teknoman Dagger/Fritz von Brown
John Vickery
Teknoman Axe/Grant Goddard
Richard Epcar
Teknoman Lance
Michael McConnohie
Teknoman Sword
Melodee M. Spevack
Tom Wyner
Season 1 (1995-1996)
(27 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Super Man Racing Across The Heavens
  2. The Lonely Warrior
  3. The Allied Defense Force's Ambition
  4. Deserter Without A Cause
  5. Kill Me
  6. Tek-Set Malfunctions
  7. Launch Of The Mobile Unit Pegas
  8. The Mysterious War Correspondent
  9. Save The Jupiter Crew
  10. Lullaby Echoing In The Battlefield
  11. The D-Boy File
  12. The Red Menace, Tekkaman Evil
  13. Twin Brothers Destined To Fight
  14. The Demon Is My Brother
  15. The Evil Spirit Revives
  16. Portrait Of Betrayal
  17. Savior Of Steel
  18. The Price For Glory
  19. Warrior With A Closed Heart
  20. Resurrected! Transformation Of Rage
  21. Premonition Of Love And Death
  22. Miyuki's Decision
  23. Reunion Of Scarred Souls
  24. Dark Past Revealed
  25. A New Demon
  26. Battle To The Death
  27. Legacy For The Survivors
Season 2 (1996-1997)
(22 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. The White Spirit
  2. A Bouquet On The Battlefield
  3. Traces Of My Father
  4. City Of Vengeance
  5. Waiting Girl
  6. Reunion In The Wilderness
  7. Brothers Of Dark And Light
  8. Enemy In The Fog
  9. A Decisive Battle: Axe
  10. The Decayed Body
  11. Labyrinth Of Death
  12. Super Warrior Blaster
  13. The Love And Struggle Of Two People
  14. Evil, The Resurrected Devil
  15. Clash: The Old Red Enemy
  16. Bullet Of Parting
  17. The Approaching Darkness
  18. The Truth Of The Invaders
  19. The House Where Time Stood Still
  20. The Fate Of Darkness And Death
  21. Heroic: Evil Dies
  22. Life Burns Out
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