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DescriptionShow Description    

The SlayersThe Slayers premiered in Japan on April 7, 1995 before airing on ABC Family Channel beginning July 6, 2002. It is a time of swords and sorcerors, of dark and light, of good and evil. Lina is a teenager who happens to be a mage during that time. She is on a quest for gold as well as good, but ends up in more trouble than anything else. This means she and her friends have to spend most their time getting themselves out of trouble.

Voice Cast    
Lina Inverse
Lisa Ortiz
Gourry Gabriev
Eric Stuart
Zelgadiss Graywords
Dan Cronin/Crispin Freeman
Amelia Wil Tesla Sailloon
Joani Baker
Stacia Crawford
Season 1 (The Slayers; 2002-2003)
(26 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Angry: Lina's Furious Dragon Slave (Original Air Date 4/7/1995)
  2. Bad: Mummy Men Aren't My Type (Original Air Date 4/14/1995)
  3. Crash: Red And White And Suspicious All Over (Original Air Date 4/21/1995)
  4. Dash: Run For It, My Magic Doesn't Work (Original Air Date 4/28/1995)
  5. Escape: Noonsa, The Flaming Fish Man (Original Air Date 5/5/1995)
  6. Focus: Rezo's The Real Enemy (Original Air Date 5/12/1995)
  7. Give Up: But, Just Before We Do, The Sure Kill Sword Appears (Original Air Date 5/19/1995)
  8. Help: Shabranigdo Is Reborn (Original Air Date 5/26/1995)
  9. Impact: The Eve Of The Great Life Or Death Struggle (Original Air Date 6/2/1995)
  10. Jackpot: The Great Life Or Death Gamble (Original Air Date 6/9/1995)
  11. Knock Out: The Seyruun Family Feud (Original Air Date 6/16/1995)
  12. Lovely: Amelia's Magic Training (Original Air Date 6/23/1995)
  13. Money: Knock Out Those Bounty Hunters (Original Air Date 6/30/1995)
  14. Navigation: An Invitation To Sairaag (Original Air Date 7/7/1995)
  15. Oh No: Lina's Wedding Rhapsody (Original Air Date 7/14/1995)
  16. Passion: Shall We Give Our Lives For The Stage (Original Air Date 7/21/1995)
  17. Question: He's Proposing To That Girl? (Original Air Date 7/28/1995)
  18. Return: The Red Priest Is Back (Original Air Date 8/4/1995)
  19. Shock: Sairaag Falls (Original Air Date 8/11/1995)
  20. Trouble: Rahanimu, The Furious Fish Man (Original Air Date 8/18/1995)
  21. Upset: Gourry vs. Zangulus (Original Air Date 8/25/1995)
  22. Vice: The One Who Was Left Behind (Original Air Date 9/1/1995)
  23. Warning: Eris' Wrath (Original Air Date 9/8/1995)
  24. X-DAY: The Demon Beast Is Reborn (Original Air Date 9/15/1995)
  25. Yes, A Final Hope: The Blessed Blade (Original Air Date 9/22/1995)
  26. Zap: Victory Is Always Mine (Original Air Date 9/29/1995)
Season 2 (Slayers Next)
(26 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. The Sudden Pinch: The Terror Of The Monstrous Zoamelgustar (Original Air Date 4/5/1996)
  2. The Roguish Priest: His Name Is Xellos (Original Air Date 4/12/1996)
  3. A Wonderful Business: Being A Bodyguard Isn't Easy (Original Air Date 4/19/1996)
  4. An Ancient Pledge: One Who Seeks Immortality (Original Air Date 4/26/1996)
  5. Staying Behind For The Sake Of Love (Original Air Date 5/3/1996)
  6. You Can't Escape: The Return Of The Obsessive Martina (Original Air Date 5/10/1996)
  7. Sudden Cooking: Follow The Phantom Dragon (Original Air Date 5/17/1996)
  8. Be Eternal: The Day Prince Phil Died (Original Air Date 5/14/1996)
  9. Hidden Ambitions: The Shocking Confession (Original Air Date 5/31/1996)
  10. On A Journey With A Pack Of Scoundrels: Take Back That Magic Power (Original Air Date 6/7/1996)
  11. Voices From The Darkness: Slash 'Em To Bits, Ragna Blade (Original Air Date 6/14/1996)
  12. The Unexpected End: The Shocking Truth (Original Air Date 6/21/1996)
  13. Impending Fall: The Moment Of Ambition's Defeat (Original Air Date 6/28/1996)
  14. The Forbidden Dance: Where Is The Strongest Spell (Original Air Date 7/5/1996)
  15. A Big Crash: The Battle At Artemay Tower (Original Air Date 7/12/1996)
  16. Bitter Curve Balls: Gutsy Fast Balls (Original Air Date 7/19/1996)
  17. They're Talking About A Girl Named Zelgadis (Original Air Date 7/26/1996)
  18. The Temple Of The Sand: The Secret Of The Giga Slave (Original Air Date 8/2/1996)
  19. Disclosure At Last: Xellos' True Form (Original Air Date 8/9/1996)
  20. No Other Choice: Set Course For Dragon Valley (Original Air Date 8/16/1996)
  21. The Thousand Year Old Truth: The Traitorous Demon Dragon King (Original Air Date 8/23/1996)
  22. The Stolen Sword Of Light: The End Of The Demon Dragon King (Original Air Date 8/30/1996)
  23. The Menacing Swordsman: A Journey Of Reunion (Original Air Date 9/6/1996)
  24. Sinister Trap: The Mysterious City Of Ghosts (Original Air Date 9/13/1996)
  25. The Souls Of The Dead: Lina's Final Decision (Original Air Date 9/20/1996)
  26. Go To Next: And Then Again... (Original Air Date 9/27/1996)
Season 3 (Slayers Try)
(26 Episodes In Season 3)
  1. Majestic: Hoist Sails For The Journey (Original Air Date 4/4/1997)
  2. Doubtful: A Letter From Home (Original Air Date 4/11/1997)
  3. Where'd That Arrogant Guy Go (Original Air Date 4/18/1997)
  4. On The Move: He's Out For Revenge (Original Air Date 4/25/1997)
  5. A Wild Rumor: You Can't Have Smoke Without Fire (Original Air Date 5/2/1997)
  6. Wandering Around: The Runaway Shrine Takes A Trip (Original Air Date 5/9/1997)
  7. A Peace Conference: This Is The Dragon Shrine (Original Air Date 5/16/1997)
  8. Be Careful: The Plan Has Begun (Original Air Date 5/23/1997)
  9. Continuous Fire: The Wind-Swept Shore Of Battle (Original Air Date 5/30/1997)
  10. Ready For Exile: Isn't Two People's Love Eternal (Original Air Date 6/6/1997)
  11. The Hurdle's Cleared: Jiras' Hidden Power (Original Air Date 6/13/1997)
  12. Selfless And Senseless: Pursuit Through The Labyrinth (Original Air Date 6/20/1997)
  13. An Explosive Situation: The One Who Holds The Key (Original Air Date 6/27/1997)
  14. Striding And Swaggering: Lamentation Without End (Original Air Date 7/4/1997)
  15. Disaster And Danger: This Place Is A Wonder Island (Original Air Date 7/11/1997)
  16. Pandemonium: Terror Of The Cursed Jar (Original Air Date 7/18/1997)
  17. Immediate Results: Love Is In The Tiny Differences (Original Air Date 7/25/1997)
  18. Three People, Three Ways: Where The Light Leads (Original Air Date 8/1/1997)
  19. The Right Person In The Right Place: Amelia In The Village Of Justice (Original Air Date 8/8/1997)
  20. A Hero's Advent: To Whom Does The Young Girl Pray (Original Air Date 8/15/1997)
  21. Savage And Unexplored: History Sealed Away (Original Air Date 8/22/1997)
  22. Eternal Death, Final Farewells: A Cry To The Fallen (Original Air Date 8/29/1997)
  23. No Time For Arguing: Head For The Showdown (Original Air Date 9/5/1997)
  24. No Way To Guess: The Forbidden Gateway Is Opened (Original Air Date 9/12/1997
  25. He Who Emerges From Dark Star (Original Air Date 9/19/1997)
  26. Try Again: When All Returns To Whites (Original Air Date 9/26/1997)
Slayers OVAs
  • Slayers: Book Of Spells (Released 7/25/1996)
  • Slayers: Excellent (Released 10/25/1998)
Slayers Movies
  • Slayers< (Released 8/5/1995)
  • Slayers: Return (Released 8/3/1996)
  • Slayers: Great (Released 8/2/1997)
  • Slayers: Gorgeous (Released 8/1/1998)
  • Slayers: Premium (Released 12/22/2001)
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