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DescriptionShow Description    

Skysurfer Strike ForceSkysurfer Strike Force premiered in syndication in September 1995 as part of Amazin' Adventures II. The series is about a group of normal people who are magically transformed into crimefighters. They use special skyboards to get around and help them battle evil.

Voice Cast    
Mike Donovan/David Kaye
Crazy Stunts/Mickey/Chronozoid/Replicon
Paul Dobson
Soar Loser/Brad
Ward Perry
Venus Terzo
Sliced Ice/Kim/Cerena
Jansyse Jaud
Five Eyes/Grenader/Garland/Foster
Richard Newman
Air Enforcer/Nathan/Cybron/Wyland
Alvin Sanders
Zachariah Easel/Hagedorn/Adam
Terry Klassen
Season 1 (1995-1996)
(13 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. City Of Terror (Original Air Date 9/10/1995)
  2. Alien Attack (Original Air Date 9/17/1995)
  3. Cyber-Magic (Original Air Date 9/24/1995)
  4. Death Paint (Original Air Date 10/1/1995)
  5. Titan Of Terror (Original Air Date 10/8/1995)
  6. Time Storm (Original Air Date 10/15/1995)
  7. Mountain Of Fear (Original Air Date 10/22/1995)
  8. Voodoo Master (Original Air Date 11/5/1995)
  9. The Ancient City (Original Air Date 11/12/1995)
  10. The Dogs Of Doom (Original Air Date 11/19/1995)
  11. Life Force (Original Air Date 11/26/1995)
  12. Killer Ants (Original Air Date 12/3/1995)
  13. Terror Toons (Original Air Date 12/10/1995)
Season 2 (1996-1997)
(13 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. The Black Box (Original Air Date 9/7/1996)
  2. Terror In The Jungle (Original Air Date 9/14/1996)
  3. The Crawling Horror (Original Air Date 9/21/1996)
  4. Crime City (Original Air Date 9/28/1996)
  5. The Water Beast (Original Air Date 10/5/1996)
  6. The Price Of Freedom (Original Air Date 10/12/1996)
  7. Two Minute Warning (Original Air Date 10/19/1996)
  8. Island Of Fear (Original Air Date 10/26/1996)
  9. Diamonds Of Death (Original Air Date 11/2/1996)
  10. Attack Of The Slitha Monsters, Part 1 (Original Air Date 11/9/1996)
  11. Attack Of The Slitha Monsters, Part 2 (Original Air Date 11/16/1996)
  12. Sword Of Power (Original Air Date 11/23/1996)
  13. Danger In Space (Original Air Date 11/30/1996)

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