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Sailor Moon Show

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DescriptionShow Description    

Sailor MoonSailor Moon premiered in the US in syndication on September 11, 1995. Beginning the third season, the series moved to the Cartoon Network. Sailor Moon ran for five seasons in Japan (which were known as Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, Sailor Moon Supers, and Sailor Moon Stars, in that order), totalling 200 episodes. The first two seasons were dubbed into English and aired in the US, but they were run out of order. The first season shown in the US is the dubbed first Japanese season, though some of the original shows were omitted. The second and third seasons shown in the US are the dubbed second Japanese series, Sailor Moon R.

At the start of the series Serena, a whiny, clumsy, crybaby, is given the power to transform herself into a sailor-suited heroine named Sailor Moon by a talking cat named Luna, who acts as her guardian and teacher. Throughout the first season Serena meets up with four other Sailor Scouts: Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus (who is accompanied by her own talking cat guardian, Artemis). When the going gets tough, they are saved by a sauve, mysterious, tuxedo wearing hero known as Tuxedo Mask. Together the Scouts discover that they are the protectors of a long dead kingdom on the moon and were reincarnated on earth after the kingdom was destroyed. They don't remember their past lives, but they have to find and protect the Moon Princess (who can wield the power of the Imperium Silver Moon Crystal), but they have no idea who she is. Serena is discovered to be the very princess for whom they are searching and Tuxedo Mask is the reincarnation of her beloved prince who was killed defending her when the Moon Kingdom fell. In order to protect the Earth from their enemies, Sailor Moon must unlock the secrets of her past and the powers of the Silver Moon Crystal, while dealing with school, friends, family, and her new boyfriend, Tuxedo Mask.

In the five seasons the series ran, many new enemies and allies were introduced, among these the Sailor Scouts of the outer solar system: Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn. In addition, in the third season Reeny becomes a Sailor Scout named Sailor Chibi Moon (who is called Sailor Mini Moon in the movies that have been released in the US). The names used in the original version had special meaning that related to the character's powers of personality, which was lost when DIC dubbed the show into English. The translation from Japanese to English caused the following name changes: Usagi to Serena, Makoto to Lita, Minako to Mina, Mamoru to Darien, Chibi-Usa to Reeny, Sailor Senshi to Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Kamen to Tuxedo Mask, and Sailor Chibi Moon to Sailor Mini Moon. Both Ami and Rei have the same names in both languages.

Voice Cast    
Serena/Sailor Moon
Terri Hawkes/Linda Ballantyne
Lita/Sailor Jupiter
Susan Roman
Mina/Sailor Venus
Stephanie Morgenstern
Ami/Sailor Mercury
Karen Bernstein
Trista/Sailor Pluto
Sabrina Grdevich/Susan Aceron
Raye Hino/Sailor Mars
Katie Griffin/Emilie Barlow
Rini/Sailor Mini Moon
Stephanie Beard
Michelle/Sailor Neptune
Barbara Radecki
Amara/Sailor Uranus
Sarah LaFleur
Darien/Tuxedo Mask
Toby Proctor/Vince Corazza
Jill Frappier
Ron Ruben
Season 1 (1994-1995)
(40 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. A Moon Star Is Born (Original Air Date 9/11/1995)
  2. Talk Radio (Original Air Date 9/12/1995)
  3. Slim City (Original Air Date 9/13/1995)
  4. So You Want To Be A Superstar (Original Air Date 9/14/1995)
  5. Computer School Blues (Original Air Date 9/15/1995)
  6. Time Bomb (Original Air Date 9/18/1995)
  7. An Uncharmed Life (Original Air Date 9/19/1995)
  8. Nightmare In Dreamland (Original Air Date 9/20/1995)
  9. Cruise Blues (Original Air Date 9/21/1995)
  10. Fight To The Finish (Original Air Date 9/22/1995)
  11. Match Point For Sailor Moon (Original Air Date 9/25/1995)
  12. An Unnatural Phenomena (Original Air Date 9/26/1995)
  13. Wedding Day Blues (Original Air Date 9/27/1995)
  14. Shutter Bugged (Original Air Date 9/28/1995)
  15. Dangerous Dollies (Original Air Date 9/29/1995)
  16. Who Is That Masked Man? (Original Air Date 10/2/1995)
  17. An Animated Mess (Original Air Date 10/3/1995)
  18. Worth A Princess's Ransom (Original Air Date 10/4/1995)
  19. Molly's Folly (Original Air Date 10/5/1995)
  20. A Friend In Wolf's Clothing (Original Air Date 10/6/1995)
  21. Jupiter Comes Thundering In (Original Air Date 10/9/1995)
  22. The Power Of Friendship (Original Air Date 10/10/1995)
  23. Mercury's Mental Match (Original Air Date 10/11/1995)
  24. An Artful Attack (Original Air Date 10/12/1995)
  25. Too Many Girlfriends (Original Air Date 10/13/1995)
  26. Grandpa's Follies (Original Air Date 10/16/1995)
  27. Kitty Chaos (Original Air Date 10/17/1995)
  28. Tuxedo Melvin (Original Air Date 10/18/1995)
  29. Sailor V Makes The Scene (Original Air Date 10/19/1995)
  30. A Crystal Clear Destiny (Original Air Date 10/20/1995)
  31. A Reluctant Princess (Original Air Date 10/23/1995)
  32. Bad Hair Day (Original Air Date 10/24/1995)
  33. Little Miss Manners (Original Air Date 10/25/1995)
  34. Ski Bunny Blues (Original Air Date 10/26/1995)
  35. Ice Princess (Original Air Date 10/27/1995)
  36. Last Resort (Original Air Date 10/30/1995)
  37. Tuxedo Unmasked (Original Air Date 10/31/1995)
  38. Fractious Friends (Original Air Date 11/1/1995)
  39. The Past Returns (Original Air Date 11/2/1995)
  40. Day Of Destiny (Original Air Date 11/3/1995)
Season 2 (1995-1996)
(25 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Serena Times Two (Original Air Date 11/6/1995)
  2. The Cosmetics Caper (Original Air Date 11/7/1995)
  3. Sailor Mercury Moving On? (Original Air Date 11/8/1995)
  4. Gramps In A Pickle (Original Air Date 11/9/1995)
  5. Trouble Comes Thundering In (Original Air Date 11/10/1995)
  6. A Charmed Life (Original Air Date 11/13/1995)
  7. A Curried Favor (Original Air Date 11/14/1995)
  8. Naughty N' Nice (Original Air Date 11/15/1995)
  9. Prediction Of Doom (Original Air Date 11/16/1995)
  10. Enemies No More (Original Air Date 11/17/1995)
  11. Checkmate (Original Air Date 11/20/1995)
  12. Sibling Rivalry (Original Air Date 11/21/1995)
  13. The Return Of Sailor Moon (Original Air Date 11/22/1995)
  14. So You Want To Be In Pictures (Original Air Date 11/23/1995)
  15. A Knight To Remember (Original Air Date 11/24/1995)
  16. VR Madness (Original Air Date 11/27/1995)
  17. Cherry Blossom Time (Original Air Date 11/28/1995)
  18. Kindergarten Chaos (Original Air Date 11/29/1995)
  19. Much Ado About Baby Sitting (Original Air Date 11/30/1995)
  20. Raye's Day In The Spotlight (Original Air Date 12/1/1995)
  21. Food Fetish (Original Air Date 12/4/1995)
  22. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall (Original Air Date 12/5/1995)
  23. Detention Doldrums (Original Air Date 12/6/1995)
  24. Secret Garden (Original Air Date 12/7/1995)
  25. Treed (Original Air Date 12/8/1995)
Season 3 (1998-1999)
(17 Episodes In Season 3)
  1. Rubeus Evens The Score (Original Air Date 11/30/1998)
  2. Rubeus Strikes Out (Original Air Date 12/1/1998)
  3. The Secret Of The Luna Sphere (Original Air Date 12/2/1998)
  4. Emerald Takes Over (Original Air Date 12/3/1998)
  5. Promises Fufilled (Original Air Date 12/4/1998)
  6. No Thanks, Nurse Venus (Original Air Date 12/7/1998)
  7. Dog Day For Artemis (Original Air Date 12/8/1998)
  8. Lonely Amy (Original Air Date 12/9/1998)
  9. Child's Play (Original Air Date 12/10/1998)
  10. Future Shocked (Original Air Date 12/11/1998)
  11. Legend Of The Negamoon (Original Air Date 12/14/1998)
  12. Jealousy's Just Rewards (Original Air Date 12/15/1998)
  13. Birth Of The Wicked Lady (Original Air Date 12/16/1998)
  14. Brotherly Love (Original Air Date 12/17/1998)
  15. Diamond In The Rough (Original Air Date 12/18/1998)
  16. Final Battle (Original Air Date 12/21/1998)
  17. Follow The Leader (Original Air Date 12/22/1998)
Season 4 (1999-2000)
(38 Episodes In Season 4)
  1. Star Struck, Bad Luck (Original Air Date 6/12/2000)
  2. Crystal Clear Again (Original Air Date 6/13/2000)
  3. Driving Dangerously (Original Air Date 6/14/2000)
  4. Bad Harmony (Original Air Date 6/15/2000)
  5. Swept Off Her Feet (Original Air Date 6/16/2000)
  6. Blinded By Love's Light (Original Air Date 6/19/2000)
  7. Lita Borrows Trouble (Original Air Date 6/20/2000)
  8. Damp Spirits (Original Air Date 6/21/2000)
  9. Friendly Foes (Original Air Date 6/22/2000)
  10. Mixed Emotions (Original Air Date 6/23/2000)
  11. Individual Happiness (Original Air Date 6/26/2000)
  12. Birthday Blues, Part 1 (Original Air Date 6/27/2000)
  13. Birthday Blues, Part 2 (Original Air Date 6/28/2000)
  14. Hello, Sailor Mini Moon (Original Air Date 6/29/2000)
  15. Tainted Tea Party (Original Air Date 6/30/2000)
  16. People Who Need People (Original Air Date 7/3/2000)
  17. Related By Destiny (Original Air Date 7/4/2000)
  18. Art Appreciation (Original Air Date 7/5/2000)
  19. Everything's Coming Up Rosey (Original Air Date 7/6/2000)
  20. No Turning Back (Original Air Date 7/7/2000)
  21. Destiny's Arrival (Original Air Date 7/10/2000)
  22. The Purity Chalice (Original Air Date 7/11/2000)
  23. Show Stoppers (Original Air Date 7/12/2000)
  24. Rini's Risky Friendship (Original Air Date 7/13/2000)
  25. Mimet's Mess (Original Air Date 7/14/2000)
  26. The Shadow Of Silence (Original Air Date 7/17/2000)
  27. Thorny Weather (Original Air Date 7/18/2000)
  28. Heightened Hazard (Original Air Date 7/19/2000)
  29. It's In The Cards (Original Air Date 7/20/2000)
  30. Next In Line (Original Air Date 7/21/2000)
  31. Friendly Ferns (Original Air Date 7/24/2000)
  32. The Science Of Love (Original Air Date 7/25/2000)
  33. Wake Up Call (Original Air Date 7/26/2000)
  34. Who's Really Who? (Original Air Date 7/27/2000)
  35. Darkness, My Old Friend (Original Air Date 7/28/2000)
  36. Second Chance (Original Air Date 7/31/2000)
  37. Tough Kindness (Original Air Date 8/1/2000)
  38. Goodness Eclipsed (Original Air Date 9/13/2000)
Season 5 (2000-2001)
(39 Episodes In Season 5)
  1. Dreams Take Flight (Original Air Date 9/26/2000)
  2. No Ordinary Horsepower (Original Air Date 9/27/2000)
  3. Sweet Dreams (Original Air Date 9/28/2000)
  4. Baiting The Trap (Original Air Date 9/29/2000)
  5. Perfect Couple (Original Air Date 10/2/2000)
  6. Much Ado About Kitten (Original Air Date 10/3/2000)
  7. A Pegasus Pager Turner (Original Air Date 10/4/2000)
  8. A Teacher's Lesson (Original Air Date 10/5/2000)
  9. The Trouble With Love (Original Air Date 10/6/2000)
  10. Phone Fairy (Original Air Date 10/9/2000)
  11. Driven Dreamer (Original Air Date 10/10/2000)
  12. Cutting It Close (Original Air Date 10/11/2000)
  13. Clothes Call (Original Air Date 10/12/2000)
  14. Double Trouble (Original Air Date 10/13/2000)
  15. Recipe For Danger (Original Air Date 10/16/2000)
  16. Kickin' Into High Gear (Original Air Date 10/17/2000)
  17. Beach Blanket Bungle (Original Air Date 10/18/2000)
  18. Tutu Treachery (Original Air Date 10/19/2000)
  19. The Duchess's Day Off (Original Air Date 10/20/2000)
  20. No Prince Charming (Original Air Date 10/23/2000)
  21. A True Reflection (Original Air Date 10/24/2000)
  22. Eternal Dreams (Original Air Date 10/25/2000)
  23. A New Nightmare (Original Air Date 10/26/2000)
  24. Heartfelt Melody (Original Air Date 10/27/2000)
  25. Dental Dilemma (Original Air Date 10/30/2000)
  26. Nightmare Garden (Original Air Date 10/31/2000)
  27. Vaulting To Victory (Original Air Date 11/1/2000)
  28. Reflections Of Reality (Original Air Date 11/2/2000)
  29. Dream Believer (Original Air Date 11/3/2000)
  30. Pegasus Revealed (Original Air Date 11/6/2000)
  31. Rini's Lovely Phapsody (Original Air Date 11/7/2000)
  32. Tomorrow's Big Dreams (Original Air Date 11/8/2000)
  33. Day Of Night (Original Air Date 11/19/2000)
  34. Show Time Showdown (Original Air Date 11/10/2000)
  35. The Dark Legend (Original Air Date 11/13/2000)
  36. One In The Hand (Original Air Date 11/14/2000)
  37. Golden Revival (Original Air Date 11/15/2000)
  38. The Sweetest Dream (Original Air Date 11/16/2000)
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