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DescriptionShow Description    

Ronin WarriorsRonin Warriors premiered in syndication in June 1995. Originally produced in Japan in 1989 as Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, the series was redubbed into English for a US release. The series is about five men who were gifted with supernatural armor. They fight the evil Arago and his minions from the dark Phantom World.

Voice Cast    
Ryo Of The Wildfire
Matt Hill
Sage Of The Halo/Cye Of The Torrent
Michael Donovan
Kento Of Hardrock
Jason Gray-Stanford
Rowen Of Strata/Sekhmet
Ward Perry
Cale/The Ancient
Richard Newman
Paul Dobson
Matthew Smith
Lady Kayura
Jane Perry
Mia Kochi
Lalainia Lindjberg
Christopher Turne
Mina Mina
The Narrator
David Kaye
Season 1 (1995-1996)
(39 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Shadowland (Original Air Date 6/26/1995)
  2. Glory Of Lord Anubis (Original Air Date 6/27/1995)
  3. Secret Of Wildfire (Original Air Date 6/28/1995)
  4. The Search Begins (Original Air Date 6/29/1995)
  5. Halo's Prison (Original Air Date 6/30/1995)
  6. The Counter Attack (Original Air Date 7/3/1995)
  7. Splitting The Stone (Original Air Date 7/4/1995)
  8. Friend Or Foe (Original Air Date 7/5/1995)
  9. Wildfire In The Sky (Original Air Date 7/6/1995)
  10. In The Sea Of The Sky (Original Air Date 7/7/1995)
  11. Assault On The Dynasty (Original Air Date 7/10/1995)
  12. Shallow Darkness (Original Air Date 7/11/1995)
  13. Fate Of The Ronin Armor (Original Air Date 7/12/1995)
  14. Armor Of Life (Original Air Date 7/13/1995)
  15. The Ancient's Battle (Original Air Date 7/14/1995)
  16. Raid On Talpa's Castle (Original Air Date 7/17/1995)
  17. The Legend Of The Armor (Original Air Date 7/18/1995)
  18. Talpa's Triumph (Original Air Date 7/19/1995)
  19. Wildfire's Fight Against Fate (Original Air Date 7/20/1995)
  20. Ronin vs. Saranbo (Original Air Date 7/21/1995)
  21. Ryo's Mega Armor (Original Air Date 7/24/1995)
  22. Saber Strike's Deadly Challenge (Original Air Date 7/25/1995)
  23. Whiteblaze's Sacrifice (Original Air Date 7/26/1995)
  24. Sundevil: Ambassador Of Evil (Original Air Date 7/27/1995)
  25. Torrent's Evil Twin (Original Air Date 7/28/1995)
  26. The Armor Must Be Destroyed (Original Air Date 7/31/1995)
  27. Sand Blasted (Original Air Date 8/1/1995)
  28. Lady Kayura And The Dark Realm (Original Air Date 8/2/1995)
  29. Anubis Is Reborn (Original Air Date 8/3/1995)
  30. Talpa Turns The Tide (Original Air Date 8/4/1995)
  31. Legend Of The White Armor (Original Air Date 8/7/1995)
  32. Strategies Of The Nether World (Original Air Date 8/8/1995)
  33. In Search Of Secret Treasures (Original Air Date 8/9/1995)
  34. Strata's Defiant Stand (Original Air Date 8/10/1995)
  35. The Warriors Return (Original Air Date 8/11/1995)
  36. Cheap Tricks (Original Air Date 8/14/1995)
  37. Anubis' Armor Revived (Original Air Date 8/15/1995)
  38. Lady Evil Sees The Light (Original Air Date 8/16/1995)
  39. Triumphant Warriors (Original Air Date 8/17/1995)
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