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Iron Man EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Japan: Enter Iron Man
    Tony Stark is forced out of retirement when his newest Iron Man model goes berserk.

  • Going Nuclear
    Stark must clear his name after he is accused of smuggling plutonium into Japan aboard a cargo ship.

  • Reap The Whirlwind
    Hurricanes rise for two scientists, and Stark uncovers a project involving weather control.

  • A Twist Of Memory, A Turn Of Mind
    When Zodiac tries to kill Tony at a racing event, another hero saves him.

  • Outbreak
    An outbreak at the Arc Station leads to Tony and Nagato Sakurai working together.

  • Technical Difficulties
    Stark finds a computer virus in the Arc Station, which threatens the city's systems.

  • At The Mercy Of My Friends
    Stark and Chika wake up to find they are stranded on an island, where Stark must find a way to survive without his arc reactor.

  • Daughter Of The Zodiac
    Iron Man vows to protect a girl with strange powers from Zodiac.
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