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DescriptionShow Description    

Bubblegum CrisisBubblegum Crisis is an anime OAV that was released in the U.S. in 1991 after being released in Japan in 1987. The series is set in MegaTokyo during the year 2032. Most of the city was destroyed by a giant earthquake in 2025. While rebuilding the city, the Genom corporation began to gain power and control after it introduced Boomers, a combination of robotics, cybernetics and artificial intelligence put together in a human form. The doctor who originally invented the boomers was killed, Genom finished them and plans to use them in order to get what they want. Doctor Stingray's daughter, Sylia, forms the Knight Sabers to try and stop Genom and the Boomers. There was a followup series of three OAVs called Bubblegum Crash that takes place in 2034. Another series that is essentially a prequel to Bubblegum Crisis and set in 2027, AD Police, was released as a three OAV series. A television series, Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, was released in Japan in 1998.

Voice Cast    
Sylia Stingray
Jemila Ericson
Priss Asagiri
Sinda Nichols
Nene Romanova
Susan Grillo
Brian J. Mason
Eric Paisley
Linna Yamazaki
Elizabeth Becka
Daley Wong
Marshall Carroll
Leon McNichol
Brad Moranz
OAV Series 1 (Bubblegum Crisis)
(8 Episodes In OAV Series 1)
  1. Tinsel City
  2. Born To Kill
  3. Blow Up
  4. Revenge Road
  5. Moonlight Rambler
  6. Red Eyes
  7. Double Vision
  8. Scoop Chase
OAV Series 2 (Bubblegum Crash)
(3 Episodes In OAV Series 2)
  1. The Illegal Army
  2. Geo Climbers
  3. Meltdown
OAV Series 3 (AD Police)
(3 Episodes In OAV Series 3)
  1. The Phantom Woman
  2. The Ripper
  3. The Man Who Bites His Tongue
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