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DescriptionShow Description    

Battle Of The PlanetsBattle of The Planets premiered in syndication in October 1978. The series was originally released in Japan in 1972 as Gatchamans, then retitled and dubbed for US release as Battle Of The Planets. Only 85 of the 100 episodes were dubbed and released in the US. The series was later remade as G-Force, with the characters renamed, for airing on TBS. Battle Of The Planets is about G-Force, a group of superhumans who have to keep the galaxy safe from the evil Zoltar, who wants to take it over since his own planet is dying.

Voice Cast    
Alan Young
Keye Luke
Mark Venture
Casey Kasem
Ronnie Schell
Janet Waldo
Tiny/Dr. Anderson
Alan Dinehart
Season 1 (1978-1979)
(85 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Attack Of The Space Terrapin
  2. Rescue Of The Astronauts
  3. The Space Mummy
  4. The Space Serpent
  5. Ghost Ship Of Planet Mir
  6. Big Robot Gold Grab
  7. Ace From Outer Space
  8. Fearful Sea Anemone
  9. Jupiter Moon Menace
  10. A Swarm Of Robot Ants
  11. Space Rocket Escort
  12. Beast With A Sweet Tooth
  13. Perilous Pleasure Cruise
  14. The Thing With 1,000 Eyes
  15. Microfilm Mystery
  16. The Alien Beetles
  17. A Whale Joins G-Force
  18. Mad New Ruler Of Spectra
  19. The Sea Dragon
  20. Magnetic Attraction
  21. The Musical Mummy
  22. The Fiery Lava Giant
  23. The Bat-Ray Bombers
  24. Race Against Disaster
  25. The Ghostly Grasshopper
  26. The Galaxy Girls
  27. Curse Of The Cuttlefish, Part 1
  28. Curse Of The Cuttlefish, Part 2
  29. Demons Of The Desert
  30. Siege Of The Squids
  31. Orion, Wonderdog Of Space
  32. The Fierce Flowers, Part 1
  33. The Fierce Flowers, Part 2
  34. The Space Rock Concert
  35. Prisoners In Space
  36. Victims Of The Hawk
  37. Raid On Riga
  38. Seals Of Sytron
  39. Giant Gila Monster
  40. The Capture Of The Galaxy Code
  41. Raid On A Nearby Planet
  42. Keyop Does It All
  43. Peaks Of Planet Odin
  44. The Sky Is Falling, Part 1
  45. The Sky Is Falling, Part 2
  46. Raid Of The Red Scorpion
  47. Mammoth Shark Menace
  48. Fastest Gun In The Galaxy
  49. Giant From Planet Zyr
  50. Secret Island
  51. Giant Space Bat
  52. Attack Of The Alien Wasp
  53. Decoys Of Doom
  54. Zoltar Strikes Out
  55. The Great Brain Robbery
  56. Raid Of The Space Octopus
  57. Silent City
  58. Peril In The Pyramids
  59. Rage Of The Robotoids
  60. The Alien Bigfoot
  61. Invasion Of The Locusts
  62. Space Safari
  63. Museum Of Mystery
  64. Peril Of The Preying Mantis
  65. The Awesome Ray Force
  66. The Duplicate King
  67. Defector To Spectra
  68. Panic Of The Peacock
  69. Mission To Inner Space
  70. Spectra Space Spider
  71. Super Space Spies
  72. Cupid Does It To Keyop
  73. Tentacles From Space
  74. Island Of Fear
  75. The Awesome Armadillo
  76. Invasion Of Space Center, Part 1
  77. Invasion Of Space Center, Part 2
  78. Save The Space Colony
  79. Charioteers Of Changu
  80. Vacation On Venus
  81. Rockets Out Of Control
  82. G-Force Defector
  83. Strike At Spectra
  84. G-Force In The Future
  85. Conway Tape Tap
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